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Notice of Pre-Application Selection Through the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

We are pleased to announce that we will be accepting pre-applications for our Section 8 HCV Program each Springclick here to apply (when we are accepting pre-applications). The program is conducted through a third party provider using secure measures to maintain both the integrity of the data and random nature of the drawing. AHA is releasing only the confirmation numbers of the households selected so as to protect the privacy, personal information, and safety of our applicants. Please compare your confirmation number to the list of selections below.

PLEASE NOTE: selection in the S8 HCV Program drawing is not a guarantee of admission to the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program. Households selected in the Lottery will be screened according to the Section 8 HCV Administrative Plan.

Households selected through the lottery process should not make any plans to move or rent a home until they are specifically directed to by AHA Admissions Staff. Households selected through the lottery will be contacted by U.S. Mail regarding the next steps to be taken. Please note that your official AHA selection letter sent by U.S. Mail to the mailing address on file with your confirmation number is your official proof of selection through the process. You may also get unofficial reminders by email, text or phone call.

For more information or questions concerning the Section 8 HCV Program please contact Intake at 505.764.3904 or Future drawings will be made throughout the calendar year and selected numbers will appear below under the month drawn.

Confirmation Numbers of the pre-applications selected through the Supportive Housing Pool Lottery process are as follows:

September 2020 – letters with your Orientation date will be sent via USPS the end of September

December 2020 – letters with your Orientation information will be sent via USPS the middle of December

Lost your S8 HCV Program Pre-Application Confirmation Number?