A Rent Increase is Determined By “Rent Reasonable.”

This means that the total rent cannot exceed similar unassisted units in the general area or neighborhood. Subsidized rents may not be more than nonsubsidized rents for similar units.

Owner/Landlord must submit a rent increase/utility change request via this online form at least 60-days (two full calendar months) prior to the tenants recertification date and give the tenant a 60-day (two full calendar months) written notice of the proposed rent increase/utility change. Such notices must be given on the 1st of the month.

Approved or Denied?

If the rent increase/utility change has been approved, an AHA Housing Quality Compliance Inspector will send both the landlord and the tenant a notice of the amount approved and the effective date. Another letter will follow from the tenants Section 8 Housing Specialist with the notice of the change in the portion of rent (if any) and the effective date. A letter will also be sent by an AHA Housing Quality Compliance Inspector if the rent increase/utility change has been denied.

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    I hereby certify that I am the OWNER or the duly AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE of the property for which this rent increase/utility change request is being submitted and by clicking the checkbox below is the equivalent to my handwritten signature. I certify that I have/will issue a 60-day notice of rent increase/utility change to the above tenant.