Procurement Regulations, Code, Guidance and Resources

Per Chapter 13. State and Local Laws and Regulations Governing PHA Procurement, 13.5 Guidance on State and Local Procurement Laws, Handbook No. 7460.8 REV 2. Albuquerque Housing Authority is a Public Body Entity that is funded by HUD and is subject to applicable State and Federal regulations.

State of New Mexico

General Service Department of New Mexico- Policies and Guidance Memos

Per Section 13.2 Exceptions to Local Pre-emption – State Prevailing Wage Requirements

Federal wage determinations (either Davis-Bacon or HUD-Determined Wage Rates) preempt any State prevailing wage rate when the State wage rate is higher than the applicable Federally imposed wage rate (24 CFR Part 965). Appropriate Federal preemption language is included in the labor standards clauses found in forms HUD-5370, 5370-EZ, and 5370-C.

Federal and HUD

NIGP-Procurement Resources – Directories