Public Housing Regular Maintenance Request

This maintenance request form is only for our Public Housing residents.

You should only use this form if you can wait for assistance.

If you need immediate assistance with problems such as a gas leak, major water leak, broken entry door or other emergencies, do not fill out this form, please contact your Property Manager or Office Assistant during our hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or call 505.857.3718 after hours.

    What is a Maintenance Emergency?

    Call your regional office during regular business hours for any emergency listed below:

    Maintenance Emergencies2021-03-05T20:33:53-07:00
    • All toilets/drains are clogged
    • Main water line break on property (if water is running out)
    • Water break in apartment and water is running
    • Power out to unit (when others are on) and breakers have all been checked by the tenant
    • Smell of burning wires
    • Smell of natural gas
    • APD or AFD need access to a unit (could be welfare check)
    • Need to secure a unit due to broken window, door, broken entry locks, break-in etc.
    • Carbon monoxide detector is sounding (not a battery chirp)
    • Refrigerator not working
    • Gas meter has been damaged/altered
    • Heater not working
    • Water heater not working
    • Water heater leak
    • Range/Oven not working

    What is Not a Maintenance Emergency?

    What is Not a Maintenance Emergency?2021-03-05T20:40:12-07:00
    • Please fill out the Maintenance Request Form Work Order will be created and addressed as soon as possible
    • Smoke detector beeping (low battery alert)
    • Tenant lock out (tenant responsibility after hours)
    • One toilet clogged when tenant has a second toilet
    • Dripping faucet
    • Leak under the sink (that can be contained)
    • Electrical (wall or section outlets out, unless kitchen)
    • Noise complaints (tell tenant to call APD)
    • No parking space
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