Resolution 2023-01 Designation of Public Housing Units 5605 and 5609 Gibson SE to Non-Dwelling Special Use
Resolution 2023-02 Limited Intake of Applications for Public Housing
Resolution 2023-03 Adoption of the FY2024 Annual Plan for AHA
Resolution 2023-04 Adoption of the FY2024 Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy
Resolution 2023-05 Adoption of the FY2024 Section 8 HCV Administrative Plan for AHA
Resolution 2023-06 Adoption of the 2023 Capital Fund 5-Year Action Plan for AHA
Resolution 2023-07 Appropriating Funds for the AHA for Financial Year 2024, Beginning July 1, 2023 and Ending June 30, 2024
Resolution 2023-08 Approval of the FY2024 Incentive Compensation Plan
Resolution 2023-09 Write Off Uncollectible Accounts Receivable
Resolution 2023-10 Budget Amendment for the AHA for Financial Year 2023, Beginning July 1, 2022 and Ending June 30, 2023
Resolution 2023-11 Approval of Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP) Certification form to HUD


Executive Communication 2023-01 Project Based Voucher Contract Award January 2023
Executive Communication 2023-02 Contract Ceiling Increase – CES Cooperative Agreement – Ardham Technologies- IT Managed Services
Executive Communication 2023-03 Contract 2141 Glass and Window Replacement Increase Contract Ceiling
Executive Communication 2023-04 Increase BPO-CES-ANM- Low Voltage Systems and Related Services
Executive Communication 2023-05 Award an Intergovernmental Purchasing Agreement (IGA) #2307 with TK Elevator Corporation
Executive Communication 2023-06 Increase Ceiling on Contract No. 2122B On-Call Make Ready-Turnkey Services with A+ Painting
Executive Communication 2023-07 Increase BPO on Intergovernmental Purchasing Agreement (IGA) #2203 with Steamatic of Albuquerque, for On-Call Restoration
Executive Communication 2023-08 Increase BPO on Intergovernmental Purchasing Agreement (IGA) #2127 with ISHC, Inc., for On-Call HVAC & Plumbing Services
Executive Communication 2023-09 Restructuring the Non-Housing Authority Related Ownership of Los Lobos Realty LLC
Executive Communication 2023-10 Project Based Voucher Contract Award July 2023